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Searching for laundry machine repair services you can count on?

Finding a trusted appliance repair provider in Cambridge MA is the first step. We're veterans with a crew of licensed repair professionals that are eager to help you out. Our repair services are available for both personal and business clients. We regularly help out small businesses in Cambridge MA with their appliance troubles. When it comes to fixing dryers, we often get calls from local laundromats, landlords and property managers. We'll help out in any situation - just give us a call and explain yours!

Not only do we work fast - we provide better rates than our competitors. Our licensed repair professionals are equipped with numerous general replacement parts. When we make a service call, often we can repair your appliance without leaving your property. If we have to buy locally, it won't take much longer. Whatever the parts cost is what we will charge you on your bill; we don't markup part prices.

Our team is trained and experienced in dryer repair on all different makes and types. We regularly work on common brand names like GE, LG, Maytag, Whirlpool and so on. We also fix various foreign models. Whether you have a home unit or commercial, coin-operated machine, our repair techs will be well-prepared to help.

Get started with your appliance repair the right way. Give us a call and set up a diagnostics appointment. If you're happy with the repair estimate, we'll typically either finish the job on-site or gather your replacement part(s) immediately and quickly finish up. As our vehicle is stocked with many common parts, often we are in and out within an hour!

Call us now to book your appt, reach us at (617) 315-2772 today!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

You can make your laundry machines last longer if you exercise proper care. As an example, you should be ensuring that the unit always has enough air circulation. To do this, clear the lint trap, chute and ventilation ductwork regularly; the lint trap should be cleaned after every load to prevent any dirt or debris from falling into your machine. Further, if you have cheap aluminum foil or plastic ductwork - swap it out for quality aluminum instead as this will prevent the risk of a fire and drastically minimize clogging.


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