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Need an affordable refrigerator repair done fast?

Our Cambridge MA based appliance repair crew can help take care of your appliance troubles. We're just one call away - reach us at (617) 315-2772 to book your appointment.

How do we work? First, we arrange your appointment over the phone. Our repair tech will visit your location and inspect your appliance. The problem will be diagnosed and a repair plan will be orchestrated. The estimate for this repair will be provided to you. We can proceed with the repair on the spot, in most cases, if you're comfortable with the quote.

Your cost is purely the amount we spend on your replacement parts (we don't upcharge!) and the services provided by our repair tech. You have no hidden charges and, if you don't want to do the repair, you can just walk away paying only the diagnostics charge instead. Our refrigerator repair professionals are trained and certified in appliance repair. With decades of combined experience, we've become accustomed to all types of repair requests. Whether you have a commercial or residential unit that's in despair, damaged or completely nonfunctional, our team can get it back to perfect working order.

We work on all brands: GE, LG, Maytag, Whirlpool, Samsung, etc. We can fix your sub-zero refrigerator, walkin refrigerator, wine fridge and countless other similar refrigerant-based appliances. Have a unique request? Call us with the details and we'll let you know what can be done.

Get same-day or next-day repairs done. We work around your schedule. Fast and diligent repair services done right. We know you could be risking hundreds of dollars in food if it takes too long to get your refrigerator in working order again. For some businesses, the loss is potentially four figures. Save yourself the loss: Reach out and get your repair done asap!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

A vital factor to contemplate when choosing which new refrigerator model to purchase is its defrosting function. You must check to see whether the unit offers automated defrosting or if manual defrosting is necessary. The latter requires a lot more time from you to uphold the appliance to its appropriate condition. Any accumulation of frost can result in potential part failure; to prevent your appliance from failing out prematurely, your best bet would be to buy a fridge that offers automatic defrosting. Otherwise, you will find yourself routinely having to defrost your fridge to prevent part damage.


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